H10X Pre-Launch Products!

H10X Hemp Oil NOW WITH 50% MORE HEMP is the highest quality, most effective product on the market today! Our unique formula is developed combines the all the benefits of Hemp Oil with the powerful ingredient Liposome to give you the greatest absorption rate and greatest uptake into the cells. We’ve also added an incredible herbal formula!

• Liposome

• Ginger

• Green Tea Extract

• Ginko Biloba

WOW CBD Patches! What if you could gain all the benefits of CBD without actually ingesting CBD? Well NOW you can. Introducing WOW! The CBD Patch that uses the energy of Quantum Physics to provide you with the same benefits of CBD without actually taking CBD. With our unique Patented Technology, we’ve created an all natural, highest quality CBD Patch with all of the benefits and Zero THC!

H10X WOW Pain Relief Gel

What if you could have the same Hemp Oil Extract formula that you could roll on to your specific pain areas. The H10X WOW Pain Relief Gel allows you to do just that. Target specific areas of pain and simply roll the Hemp Extract on without the mess!